Monday, February 19th, 2018


Skilled Internet Marketing Pty Ltd is a leading Brisbane business specialising in web design, development and marketing. Other services include professional business support to both the employer and the employee; website and intranet solutions for small to medium businesses along with marketing support.  In other words we handhold you through the process of developing your online presence.

Years of associating with both small and large business entities have resulted in successful projects.

There are many reasons why a business would require a website – here are some important reasons for developing your website.

  1. Establish credibility as a serious company similar to the Yellow Pages;
  2. To sell your goods or services online;
  3. Provide information to your customers all day – 24/7;
  4. Have a website to provide information to potential customers about your company and to remind local people of your existence;
  5. By having a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section you will reduce costs as customers can be directed to your website;
  6. Reduce the printing costs for brochures by having a display on your website;
  7. Provide a form of market research by doing a survey of your existing customers to find out where you are excelling, what they require and how you can improve your service;
  8. Special offers can be promoted through the website;
  9. Having a new section will reach the media as editors may refer to your website in their articles giving you free advertising with the potential of new customers.  Regular updates will help to keep your site looking fresh;
  10. The possibility of export markets that perhaps hadn’t been considered.

These are some of the many reasons why in today’s market a business needs a web site.  Take some time to consider the possibilities of owning your own web site and more importantly being able to edit it and add information to it.

Here at Skilled Internet Marketing we pride ourselves on creating user friendly web sites where the owner is able to take ownership as soon as it is finished.  Of course if you are not ready to take ownership, we are happy to maintain it until you are.