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When looking for how to build a list in the fastest way possible obviously the need to generate traffic will be a factor but just as importantly will be increasing your conversion rates. One of the best ways to do this is to think in terms of ‘less is better’ when creating your squeeze page. Remember your intention is to merely collect a list of email addresses for future promotional purposes and that is all.

Here are 3 tips to help increase the conversion rates on your squeeze page while also making for a more comfortable experience for visitors as well!

Water Down the Page

There is little need to have a lengthy page ‘selling’ visitors on why they should opt-in. Simply use a headline and maybe a sub-headline touting the biggest benefit they can expect from the free gift you are offering. Inform people that all you need to know is where to send their gift. At this point they are off and on their way, as you are as well, to building a list of email addresses. What you are doing is catching their attention with the offer of your gift and not overly ‘pitchy’ sales hype.

Just Capture Address

A major factor that works against your conversion rates is the discomfort people have with you, a complete stranger, asking for their ‘personal’ information. Try just simply asking for an email address instead which is a lot less personal and intrusive. After all the address is really the only information you will need to send your emails. Collecting names is only for the purpose of ‘personalizing’ your emails. Being most people are aware of this tactic it has little effect. Just a simple little tweak like this could really boost your conversion rates by making visitors feel less at risk!

Minimize Use of Graphics

The use of graphics of multiple colors should be minimized if not eliminated completely on this page because you do not want to distract from the message. Once again the only purpose here is to collect addresses and not to sell or entertain people. Use your creativity and showmanship on your websites or blogs but avoid the temptation to be flashy here! All that is needed is the headline, a minimal amount of text and a prominent opt-in box!

Determining how to build a list quickly always starts with the need to generate traffic but right after that, focus must be placed on your squeeze page conversion rates. From the perspective of any visitors you must think in terms of ‘less is better’ to make their visit comfortable, convenient and fast! The 3 tips offered above for ‘tweaking’ your squeeze page target exactly these areas. By applying these tips, your visitors will have a more convenient and less invasive experience on your page. This should result in you building a list of email addresses more rapidly as well!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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