Monday, February 19th, 2018


Are you Marketing your Business for Success?

Losing money on the internet

Suprised man worried about where his money is going.

Having a web site without the necessary marketing is like opening a shop in the desert and expecting customers to come to you.  Good marketing lets the public know where you are and what you have to offer.  This sounds like a simple task and to the experienced operator it is but to those who have little experience of the internet it is quite complex. 

Here at Skilled Internet Marketing we provide the marketing service required to place your site at the top of search engines so it is easily found by people looking for your business.

I recall an experienced businessman (Mike) who discovered a web site which was doing an excellent turnover and was quite a profitable business.

Mike offered to purchase the business from the owner (Tom) at quite a large sum of money.  At first Mike was very happy with the site.  However after three months the site was not making the money Mike was expecting and in fact sales had dropped back drastically.  Mike contacted the owner Tom and accused him of being dishonest as the site was not doing the profit it had when he purchased it.  The previous owner Tom asked Mike if he was marketing the site.  Mike said he had printed some business cards and leaflets and then asked Tom what else he could have done and to explain what he meant .  Tom explained there is a lot more to marketing on the Internet and he listed some of the ways a site can be marketed.

Following is Tom’s list of ideas: -

Check the page Title and description to ensure it is related to the topic. 

Check the links to ensure they are accurate.  There is nothing more annoying that clicking on a link and finding that you have to wait or that the link doesn’t go anywhere. 

Check the tags or keywords to target your business, location and service.

List building – it is recommended to build your list as the more people you have on your list the more likely you will have a sale. 

Articles are very important as this is one of the things the search engines look for. A site that never changes will not get the hits to help you build your business.  Have articles written regularly and program them to go online automatically to ensure search engines are kept interested.  Download your articles to sites such as ezines articles. Include you website address so that if people/readers are interested in reading any of your other articles.

Social links are important so be a member of the more popular ones such as twitter, facebook, friendfeed, linkedin etc. -

Videos and audios are very important as they attract the search engines.  It is a good idea to have an audio as a “grab” (use an autoresponder such as A-Weber to build your list)

Regular newsletters to keep your customers interested. 

Do regular surveys to keep your customers interested.  It is also an excellent way to find out how your customers feel if you try to introduce new products. 

Classifieds such as Google, usfreeads, craigslist are all excellent ways of promoting your business but there is an ongoing cost for these services. These are some of the more common ways to promote or market your business.  Some of them are not costly although with some there is an initial set up cost.

As you can see Marketing is a very important part of a successful and more importantly proifitable web site.  So do talk to one of our friendly staff at Skilled Internet Marketing to see how we can assist you in making your business grow with a proactive marketing plan. To assist us to provide more accurate and useful information, complete the form on the Contact Us page.