Monday, February 19th, 2018

Web Site Analysis

There is no way to quickly gauge the potential position for a web site on the search engines!

A web site analysis gives you information to make a clear decision on how to reach the top of the search engines tailored to your Business!

We recommend, to any clients who wish to drive traffic from Search Engines to their site, the web site analysis report. This report takes approximately 2 weeks to return to you and is jam packed with useful information as well as expected costs to reach your goal position.

Not only is this fantastic for new web sites, if you already have a web site you can highly benefit from this report.

The Web Site Analysis Report Includes:

* Competitors Positioning On Search Engines
* Recommendations to Increase Search Engine Positioning
* Recommendation for Key Words
* Recommendations for Description
* Advise On Pay Per Click Submission
*  Dead link Report on Web SiteSpeed of Web Site
* Current Position on Search Engines

Cost of analysis – $500.