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How Do I Make Money on the Internet?

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Creating an internet business takes time and money. However patience and perseverance will win in the end.

People spend thousands of dollars to gain knowledge and the skills to get to a stage where they can be productive. Of course everyones’ journey is different and there are many articles written about how a product can make it happen so quickly and easily. These are often referred to as a SCAM. While there are many products available online for free, to really get ahead you may need to pay for product that will give you the answers you need to move ahead.


Free seminars are another source of really good information. They are often a tool used by internet marketers to sell their programs and these programs are offered at the end of each presentation. Many people have purchased these programs and gone ahead leaps and bounds. Attending free seminars provide excellent knowledge and can be a real asset. Then there are other seminars which charge a small fee but don’t be deterred by this, as again, these can offer great benefits too. One very interesting one coming up on the Gold Coast is The World Sumit with an abundance of information or check out the Global1 Training for upcoming events.

Online Training

A quick way to gain knowledge is to purchase the training program being offered plus the support. Many people however will buy the program and only partially study each study module. It is really important to go through and do each one, take notes and if necessary do screen dumps of each screen especially if it is a PowerPoint presentation. Because some of these programs are so large there is always going to be some module or part thereof that you will need to refer to. Use it as a reference library and keep it handy when you are developing your business.  An excellent product to start with is the CB Wealth Formula.  It takes you through step by step on how to build a business including some of the really important clues on web trafficking.

We are so flooded with information when we get going that sometimes it is difficult to decide which is the most important. One very wise person said, “Read all of them!” When you don’t have time to read them as they are received, set up your email in such a way that you can quickly find an email for when you want to come back to it. Then when you do have time go back and read it.


This word niche frequently comes up and it is a bit daunting as we ask ourselves “what niche?” We struggle to decide what topic we should choose to work with. The reality is you can choose any niche – find a topic, read about it and become an expert. However in the first instance, the best niche you could choose is one that is of interest to you. What occupies much of your mind or day? Is it gardening, are you a parent – it might be kids, or you may be an avid reader so it may be books. Whatever it is start with this topic and make it your first niche. As you become more proficient you can choose any niche, research it and make it your own.

Blog or Website vs Social Media

The first step with an internet business or internet marketing is to study or learn how to create and edit a website or blog such as WordPress. There are a couple of ways to do this, go online to a site where you follow the prompts such as a wizard and create your own website or blog. This is fairly simple however some may be restrictive in how much you can do with them. For example some entrepreneurs or internet marketers suggest you don’t need to have a website or blog and just use social media. Of course it is a personal choice.  If you decide to create your own blog,  StudioPress have great templates which make site building so much easier. 


Not everyone has product to sell however don’t be deterred by this. Not having product these days is not a disaster as you can sell other people’s products. How? Affiliate Marketing! It is an amazing system available to everyone especially to people who don’t have products to sell. Organizations such as Clikbank and Commission Junction have clients who pay high commissions to people who promote their products – as each sale is made you receive payment. So you can add these products to your website or blog and promote them to your readers and hey presto when a sale is made you make money. It is as simple as that!

Becoming an internet business owner may take knowledge and skill however anyone can do it. Keep reading, keep discovering and above all stay focused on one thing at a time. Internet marketing is real and very exciting. Making money on an internet business is real and many people are benefiting from what it has to offer. So think about some of the ideas mentioned above and whatever you do “don’t give up.”


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