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Keep Layouts Simple

It’s easy to get excited about your product and when you create your brochure or website design, it can be tempting to include so many more things.  It is a good idea to add photos to enhance the copy, but don’t allow them to take over.  Pictures are important in creating visuals, but it’s your words that will make your copy sell.

On the Internet, keeping it simple is especially important. Web surfers only give you a few seconds before they decide to click away and never come back to your website again.  If you don’t grab attention or you confuse them with a busy website, they are more likely to make that decision to leave.

Here are some important tips for your website layouts:
• Keep your website navigation to a minimum.  Create sub-categories to your website sections if necessary to minimize menu distractions.
• If you’re selling your own product on a particular page, it’s usually best to remove all banners or graphics going to outside pages.
• Keep your page header or logo simple and small.  Don’t let it take over the whole “above-the-fold” space on your website. “Above-the-fold” simply means the space on your web page a visitor can see without scrolling down with her mouse.

A logo or page header can help with branding and can convey a more professional image, but it doesn’t have to be huge to do that. Most of the above-the-fold space should be reserved for selling your product.
If you already have a website, review your web pages and promotional copy and try to view it from the eyes of someone who is unfamiliar with you, your company or your product. Are you immediately able to receive the intended marketing message or are their other distractions on the page?  Try to clean things up and then ask others for honest feedback.  It is a good idea to ask an experienced person such as one of the friendly staff from Skilled Internet Marketing Pty Ltd for their advice.  Complete the contact form or email and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

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