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WordPress Themes

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WordPress is an excellent tool to use when developing your web site.  While it may take a little time to understand it once you have a basic understanding it is not difficult.  A comparison could be made with any other applications such as Word or Excel.  It does take a little time to gain an understanding but once you have it there is great excitement as it is a beautiful program and considerably more user friendly than other web design tools such as Dreameaver etc.

One of the first actions you take once WordPress is loaded is to select a theme.  This is a simple task and while WordPress provide a range of basic themes, the one commonly used by Skilled Internet Marketing are the StudioPress themes.  There is a large variety with versatile graphics.

To find out more about StudioPress and the themes they have to offer click on the link below and decide for yourself – a professional, lifestyle, educational, health – the choice is yours!

Click here to visit StudioPress.


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  2. Maureen says:

    Thanks Lynn that’s good advice. Cheers!

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